Selling a Point Loma or Ocean Beach Home

If you are considering selling, please make sure to learn about our 120 Day Guarantee! We set ourselves apart from other agents and instead of just promising to sell your home, we guarantee it! We put our money where our mouth is and guarantee to buy your home cash if it doesn't sell at a price acceptable to you within 120 days. Click here to learn more about this unique program.


120 Day Sale Guarantee


More about Glen & Shannon's Team

As our ever changing real estate market continues to transform, it requires a change in the marketing that is used to sell a home. Buyers are located in different places, looking for a unique home, and have several options available. Making sure that they are able to find your property is the first step.  Making sure it captures their attention and leaves them wanting to know more is the key.

In today’s marketplace, over 90% of home buyers are starting their real estate search online. The days of contacting a realtor to begin the process are long gone and we have adapted with the market.  We have created a very unique and creative method in selling a home.  Going much beyond the traditions of past markets, that most realtors are still holding on to.

If you are on our site reading this, you can begin to see the difference already.  We have built with one goal, to give a home buyer access to everything Point Loma and Ocean Beach related, so they do not need to go anywhere else.  We have hundreds of visitors searching specifically for a home in your neighborhood and have a list of serious buyers ready to write an offer on the "right home". 

Again, getting them to your property is only the first step. We have created a marketing plan that presents your property the way it deserves. This includes professional photos, video tours, high quality marketing material and exposure on every major real estate website found on the web.

Please take the time to contact us and learn how we can assist you in selling your most prized asset.