Point Loma Real Estate

A beautiful San Diego seaside community, Point Loma is bordered on the west and south by the Pacific Ocean. San Diego Bay laps at the community’s east side, while the San Diego River lazily travels along its northern border.

Home to about 48,000 people, the Point Loma peninsula holds an important position in the state’s history in that it was the landing place for the first European expeditions, which arrived in 1542. In fact, the peninsula is often referred to as the place “where California began.”

Permanently settled in 1769, Point Loma is home to several historical landmarks, perhaps the best known of which is Old Point Loma Lighthouse. Positioned atop the peninsula’s most southern point, this icon is often used to represent San Diego pictorially. The lighthouse has been refurbished, is partially open to the public and situated in the Cabrillo National Monument.

Point Loma Real Estate

Point Loma’s geography provides a canvas for some beautiful scenery and backdrops. Sandstone cliffs situated on the peninsula’s western edge are called Sunset Cliffs, and are known as the Point Loma Formation. The cliffs are home to dinosaur fossils that are 75 million years old, and represent one of the few such sites in California.
On Point Loma’s eastern side, homes and developments are situated right at the water’s edge, thanks to the land’s sloped features. This area blends well with the regional topography, and contributes to Point Loma’s popularity as a key landmark for boats as they make their way into port.

Point Loma is home to a number of distinct neighborhoods. Point Loma Village is the commercial and retail focal point, and connects to Shelter Island, where hotels, restaurants, marinas and public parkland dot the landscape. Liberty Station is Point Loma’s newest retail center, and was built on the site of a former Naval Training Center.




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